Beretta model 1

A state of the art ballistics, with Steelium OCHP barrelmeets an elegant and unique design, embellished by the finest engraving and woods. A new timeless classic to hand over to the next generation. Owning a shotgun with the unrivaled Steelium ballistics means being able to get the best of precision and durability, without any compromise. Together with the slim profile, which made the Beretta over and under famous worldwide, the receiver of the Field I features a double-fenced top and a wonderful floral engraving.

Distinguish yourself will be easy with Field I. Every stock is carefully crafted, oil finished and checked by the master Beretta stockmakers to meet the highest quality standards. Micro Core Recoil Pad is an innovative recoil pad developed by Beretta that expands gradually and instantly, increasing its surface area on the shoulder and giving the shotgun secure and precise support.

Micro Core Recoil Pad An innovative recoil pad developed by Beretta that expands gradually and instantly, increasing its surface area on the shoulder and giving the shotgun secure and precise support. A shotgun is not only a tool: it is an experience, from the moment its owner takes it out of the box.

For this reason, Beretta shotguns such as the Field I have beautiful, hand-oiled Turkish walnut stocks and fore ends that are designed to catch the eye as well as perform flawlessly in the field.

Strong and efficient design featuring low hinge pins and dual conical top locking lugs ensure a solid lockup to the barrels. The new receiver with a premium-styled double fence is adorned with new and elaborate floral and scroll engraving that is finished with a Nistan coating for long life and corrosion resistance. The contemporary design of the semi-Beavertail fore end lends the Field I a contemporary look and feel. Optima HP choke geometry was conceived to offer the best ballistic performance available, with steel or lead shot.

Thanks to its design, shot pattern remains perfectly uniform whatever the shell size or load, giving you consistency and accuracy on the hunt. Sign up to receive emails from Beretta for special sales, new product developments, and select Beretta news.

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Would you like to log into Beretta using your logged in facebook information? Home Firearms Field I. High-quality wood.

beretta model 1

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You have either logged in somewhere else or your session has expired. Please reload the page and login again. Go to Catalog. Got One to Sell? Open Fullscreen. Item Views. Item Interest. This was basically an improved and simplified version of the original Beretta Model 38A submachine gun, with a fixed firing pin and improved recoil spring mechanism.

This model was heavily used by both the German and Italian Armies throughout WWII and even afterwards by several of the surrounding countries as it was a very reliable and easy to maintain submachine gun. This example has the early fluted barrel with an integral muzzle break on the end.

It has a heavy stamped extruded receiver tube, a welded on magazine well, and machined bolt components.This gun and cartridge exerted an enormous influence on handgun manufacture throughout the century that followed. Until the last decade, small automatic pistols chambering. However, their rimmed cases and rimfire ignition frequently translate into unreliability in small pistols. Compared to the. Despite the diminutive size of most. This comes as good news since. With a more powerful cartridge such pistols would become unmanageable, but the.

The price to pay is low power, leading to low stopping potential. Still, any handgun innately possesses menace.

Anyone attacking a handgun owner has to decide whether to chance getting shot. Thus the mere presence of a handgun may suffice to stop an attack. Moreover, many people have found to their sorrow and loss that the. Having established the. Production stopped during the war but resumed afterwards and passed one million in Model production continued, albeit at a slower pace, until Soon after its introduction, hundreds of Model clones appeared around the world, especially in Spain.

Production attained about half a million pistols. This incorporated an exposed hammer and eliminated a grip safety, though unusually in Spain it did include a magazine safety. Astra made overCubs in. The US factory performing this work in Accokeek, Maryland, became the nucleus of the Beretta USA plant several years afterwards, and the scene of another chapter in the.

The Model 1 featured an open slide and a pushbutton manual safety.The production started inthe first users were the Italian Carabinieri and the Italian State Police even though in limited number, only in it was widely issued replacing the old Beretta MAB.

In the Italian Army bought a limited number of Franchi LF57 submachine gun, judged better than the M12 but never issued to the troops, and only in the M12S2 variant was introduced also if in very limited number. However the weapon had a higher initial success in the Arab countries and South America. InBeretta weapons designer Domenico Salza revisited an old project, the Armaguerra Cremona OG44 submachine gun, in order to make a new submachine gun to replace the old MAB model The Model 12 was the final production model, and was followed ten years later by the M12S with differences in the safety and other mechanics.

The Model 12 weighs 3. Its short length is achieved by use of a barrel recessed into the bolt head, known as a telescoping bolt.

This reduces length without reducing barrel length or bolt weight. The barrel and rifling are chromium -plated to prevent fouling. The bolt housing has grooves to allow bolt movement, even in extremely adverse conditions such as exposure to mud, dust, or sand.

Beretta M12

The weapon has three safeties: a manual safety which blocks the trigger; an automatic safety on the rear grip which immobilizes the trigger and blocks the bolt in a closed position; and a safety on the cocking handle locking the bolt in case it does not retract sufficiently. The weapon is provided with a front sight adjustable for elevation and windage and a rear sight with a two-position flip aperture up to m and up to m.

The first variant was introduced, in limited number, at the end of the '60s for the Italian Navy special forces and is easily recognizable from the longer barrel, about one inch, and the presence of a birdcage-type flash suppressor. The Model 12 was redesigned as the Beretta Model 12S in A novel feature is the grip safetywhich locks the trigger and the bolt in the closed position, thus safeguarding against accidental firing if the grip is not held firmly or if the gun is dropped.

The safety and fire-selector switch, which in the original Model 12 were two separate push-pin button with the fire-selector being a button that activated single-fire or burst fire whether it was pushed on the right side or the left side have been re-engineered in a modern lever-type selector with three positions S for "Sicura" or Safety, 1 for Single-fire, R for "Raffica" or Burst fire. The fixed firing pin on the face of the bolt can strike the primer only when the cartridge is chambered fully, and this also avoids accidental firing, according to its designers.

The PM12S was also designed with easy field-stripping and reassembly in mind, which has been simplified and can be accomplished without tools. It can be equipped with a suppressorbut this requires a slight modification of the barrel by a competent gunsmith.

beretta model 1

Minus the suppressor and other optional features, the Beretta PM12S is made up of 84 discrete components. In the mids the Italian Carabinieri, after a misfire accident, [ citation needed ] asked for a modification, in the form of a further safety device, which allowed both to keep the bolt of the weapon in half-cocked position and acted as an interceptor preventing accidental fire should the bolt or the firing pin suddenly disengage.

This modification was implemented as a standard factory feature, and the denomination of the submachine gun changed to PMS2 ; this is the only Model 12 variant currently manufactured by Beretta. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Beretta Model Type of Submachine gun. The Illustrated Directory of 20th Century Guns.

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Salamander Books Ltd. Armies in Lebanon — Men-at-Arms Osprey Publishing. Small Arms Survey ed. Working Paper No. Archived PDF from the original on Retrieved Jane's Infantry Weapons —The Silver Pigeon I hunting shotgun has all the functional features of our premium over-unders at a particularly attractive price.

At its heart, it has the best-in-class action, which is compact and low-profile while being extremely strong. Besides 12 and gauge, this shotgun is also available with beautifully scaled-down actions for 28 gauge and.

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Whether you take it to an upland hunt or to the clay range, the Silver Pigeon I gives you the flawless performance and the classic looks of a Beretta. Featuring classic lines, the most-durable action on the market and the flexibility of the Beretta Mobil-Choke system, the Silver Pigeon I was designed to last through generations of hunters. The Silver Pigeon I is built on the legendary action, a long-standing favorite among hunters and competitive shooters.

The advantage is that the eye of the shooter is a lot closer to the plane of his supporting hand: considerably better swing and hand-eye coordination. The or gauge Silver Pigeon has impressed countless hunters for its efficient dimensions and fast handling. But if you see and bring to your shoulder a Silver Pigeon I in 28 gauge or. These are scaled down to fit the smaller gauges without any extra weight or bulkiness--something that you normally find in shotguns prices several times as much as this.

While not as elaborately decorated as our premium shotguns, the Silver Pigeon I has all the elegance that you can expect from a Beretta. The oil-finished stock sports a beautiful and crisp checkering pattern, and the schnabel fore-end adds to the classic flavor of this over-under. This is a shotgun that has all the elements of a treasured heirloom, without the price-tag to match.


For a dedicated sporting version of this shotgun, check out the Silver Pigeon I Sporting. The Silver Pigeon I features the popular Beretta Mobilchoke system, allowing you to easily interchange choke tubes to suit a gamut of types of hunting or shooting.

The action is renown for its compactness and low profile. Besides adding to the overall elegance of the gun, it enables the shooter's eye to be close to the plane of the supporting hand, making pointing easy and natural. The schnabel fore-end adds a touch of old-world flare to the Silver Pigeon I, guiding the eye even better along its smooth lines not available for subgauge models. The receiver of the is embellished with traditional designs reminiscent of the British and European gunmaking schools.

The geometry of the scrolls is proportioned to match the elegance of the receiver, as well as to complement the overall lines of this perfectly-balanced shotgun. A shotgun is not only a tool: it is an experience, from the moment its owner takes it out of the box.

Beretta Model 38

For this reason, Beretta shotguns such as the Silver Pigeon I Sporting are designed to catch the eye as well as perform flawlessly at the range or in the field.The Model 1 was an Italian prototype submachine gun produced by Beretta. Tullio Marengoni designed the Model 1 in as a new, lighter version of the Beretta Model 38 that could be used by paratroopers.

Beretta spent excessive amounts of money developing the project but ultimately could not go forward with its full production, as it was considered too expensive to mass-produce. The Model 1 was a blowback -operated submmachine gun that functioned identically to the Model 38 that it was based on. The main differences were external; the outward design of the Model 1 was clearly influenced by the German MP It featured an underfolding wireframe stock, a pistol grip, and a long magazine well that could double as a forward grip.

The jacketed barrel of the Model 38 was replaced by a smooth barrel with a two-slot compensator at the muzzle. The sights were simple, non-adjustable fixed sights. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. History Edit Tullio Marengoni designed the Model 1 in as a new, lighter version of the Beretta Model 38 that could be used by paratroopers. Design Edit The Model 1 was a blowback -operated submmachine gun that functioned identically to the Model 38 that it was based on.

686 Silver Pigeon I

Revelli Mod. Categories :. Cancel Save.The guns were also used by the German, Romanian, and Argentine armies of the time.

beretta model 1

It is widely acknowledged as the most successful and effective Italian small arm of World War II and was produced in large numbers in several variants. Italian specialized workers excelled and the initial slow rate of production meant that the MAB 38 became available in large numbers only inwhen the fascist regime was toppled and Italy split between the Allied-aligned co-belligerent forces in the south and German collaborationists of the Italian Social Republic in the north.

The MAB 38 was developed by Beretta to compete in the rich market of machine and sub-machine guns; it was a well-made and sturdy weapon, introducing several advanced features and was suitable for police and special army units. Presented to Italian authorities inits first customer was the Italian Ministry of Colonies, which purchased several thousands MABs to be issued as standard firearm of the Polizia dell'Africa Italiana Italian Africa Constabularythe government colonial police force.

Army orders were slow to come; although impressed by excellent qualities and firepower of the weapon, the Italian military did not feel the MAB was suitable for standard infantry combat. It was judged ideal for police and assault units and in the beginning of small orders were placed for Carabinieri military and civilian policeGuardie di Pubblica Sicurezza national state policeand paratroopers.

The Italian Army requested minor changes to reduce production costs, notably the changed shape of the recoil compensator and the removal of the bayonet and catch as the MAB 38A.

Orders were still small and the Carcano M rifle remained the standard weapon even in elite units. The paratroopers of the th Airborne Division Folgore was armed exclusively with the weapon. Blackshirt legions one per infantry division were regarded and used as elite assault units both for their fanaticism and their Beretta 38s.

After the Italian armistice of September 8,the Italian armed forces melted away and an Italian army was reconstructed in northern Italy under German sponsorship, the Beretta MAB equipped many units. The Italian Social Republic R. For assault and counterinsurgency units, where firepower at close range was a vital asset, it was the ideal weapon. Production of the MAB became priority and it was supplied in great numbers to R. Regardless of the tables of organization and equipment of a unit, the Beretta 38 was a popular weapon that could eventually find its way into the hands of virtually any soldier, especially amongst officers and higher non-commissioned officers, in any type of unit.

A magazine-holding vest was designed for elite troops Blackshirts, paratroopers armed with the Beretta 38; these were dubbed "Samurai" due to the similarity of the stacked magazines with traditional Japanese armour.

A special canvas holster was issued with the MAB with two magazine-carrier pouches sewn on, to be worn as a belt but only came into use during the brief life of the R.

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The Beretta MAB was highly praised by Italian resistance movement fighters as well, being far more accurate and powerful than the British Sten which was common issue in partisan units, although the smaller Sten was more suited for clandestine operations.

German soldiers also liked the Beretta MAB, judging it large and heavy, but reliable and well made. The series was extremely robust and proved very popular with Axis forces as well as Allied troops, who used captured examples. MAB 38, in its first variants, was a fine weapon by any standard, crafted with high quality materials, flawlessly finished and with carefully machined parts.

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The mechanism was a traditional simple blowback recoil but with a novel floating firing pin, an automatic safety on open bolt both later removed to save production costsa recoil compensator on the muzzle, a bolt cocking handle with sliding dust cover and a striking trigger gear with no fire selector but with two triggers instead; the fore trigger was for semi-automatic fire and rear trigger for full-auto. The user could shift quickly between methods without switching levers or safety catches, which proved useful in combat.

The Model can be recognized by its machined steel receiver, fine craftsmanship and finish and by the perforated cooling jacket over the barrel. It used 10, 20, 30 or round magazines; the short round magazine, when used in conjunction with the fixed bayonet, was popular with Allied and Axis forces for guarding prisoners or internal security.

In compliance with Italian army requirements, bayonet mount and rest were eliminated and the recoil compensator was redesigned, the two horizontal muzzle slots substituted by 4 transversal cuttings, judged more effective.

This standard army variant was renamed MAB 38A and issued in Despite its undeniable effectiveness, the Beretta Model 38 proved too time-consuming and expensive to produce during wartime.


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